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Commercial Compressors

Our small to medium sized boosters can handle a multitude of applications using Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, SF6 and other clean, dry gases. Oil-free compressors up to 7,000 psig (500 barg).  ½ to 50 HP (0.5 to 38 kW).

Industrial Compressors

These mostly custom compressors are built to exactly match our customer’s requirements, usually oil-free and higher pressure than most routine applications. Some standard models can be used, and custom compressor packages can be standardized for customers’ repeat business. Custom compressors can be taken into production for larger quantities, taking advantage of low-cost manufacturing. RIX makes dependable oil-free compressors up to 7,000 psig (500 barg). Power ranges from 30 to 500 HP (23 to 375 kW).BR>

Shipboard Compressors

Extensive experience with shipboard applications across the world makes us a leader in the field.

Aerospace Compressors

Compressors developed to help explore new frontiers in weapons and defense systems.

Nitrogen Generators

Fitting for all Commercial and Government nitrogen applications.

Commercial Applications

With our large range of compressors, we can fit almost any unique application with our commercial and industrial packages or bare pumps.

Department of Defense


AMS Parts and Services

Our After Market Services department caters to all your spare parts and field service needs.
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